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Video interviews enrich your recruiting efforts, it's helps entire process make better and save your time.

Video interview | Collaborate & Evaluate | Custom hiring steps | Automated communication



As people are getting busier and have less time to dedicate large amounts of their day to job interviews, Snapp InView offers a solution to both jobseekers and employers, through its dedicated and easy-to-use video interviewing platform.

Hire Faster

Quick Process

Recorded interviews can be viewed as soon as it's finished, and with our 'Drag n' Hire' resourcing feature, Snapp InView has the fastest hiring process yet. Customisable questions mean that you can create the perfect interview for your company.

Discover Talent

Find Best Talent

We link the employer and the applicant together, so any changes or updates made to the application will be known instantly by all parties. Select your own candidates to take part in the interview so you can sort through the best.

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